Not Another Natural Hair story!

My natural hair journey and the surprises I have discovered along the way. April 2016, the beginning of my natural hair journey. There wasn’t a single reason for deciding to go au natural. Elements of self-actualisation, growth and socio-political reasons influenced my decision to get my processed hair chopped of and begin a life sans […]

My End of Exams Surprise

Bernini ruby berry financial management textbook

With my exam season drawing to a close, freedom and a sparkling way to celebrate it is exactly what is on my mind.    And I think I know just the perfect thing, to round up my celebrations.. a sparkling grape frizzante, Bernini Ruby Berry! How better to celebrate your new found freedom (I know […]

5 Feminist Porn Sites Changing Our Perceptions

The world, wide, web of archived pornography looks a lot different from the porn pulp fiction of a few decades ago. There’s no denying the potentially damaging effects of porn, especially in the youth. The constructed fantasies create problematic representations of women as passive objects in sex and desire. The power dynamics of the players […]

Building Up: 6 Women Shaping South Africa’s Architecture Industry

Umkhumbane Cultural and Heritage Museum in Cato Manor, designed by Choromanski Architects to commemorate Zulu heritage, was named the overall winner of the recent African Architecture Awards , the first Pan-African architecture competition, which took place at Zeitz MOCAA in Cape Town. But as we celebrate architecture across the continent, the reality of the field is that only […]