What They Don’t Tell You About Being In The Beauty Business

Connie Transform
Connie Transform
Connie Bhebhe
There is not one woman I’ve met in my 27 years who doesn’t believe a little something here and there will make her more attractive. So naturally, the beauty business is very lucrative. For many years I shied away from using my own face to sell products. I always knew I was pretty but I didn’t want to be another pretty face so I picked businesses that didn’t require the use of my face. Come to think of it, in one way or another, my first two businesses were actually “beauty” businesses; PRItea - beauty by tea and Cobe Fit - a fitness company. Making money off of peoples vanity is real business.
First, when you start in the beauty business you might feel overwhelmed and think that you’ll need to sell everything under the sun; don’t panic, start with one thing, be the best at it and then people will trust you for everything else. Connie Transform produces the best liquid matte lipsticks period! As we launch new products, people will expect the same standard.
Secondly, once you’ve produced one really good product and have sold thousands, you’ll realize that this business is not about you anymore, it’s about the women (and men) you serve. You’ve now got yourself thousands of girlfriends. For me, a loner, that’s a mighty plus.
Lastly, be prepared for back lash the day you get one thing wrong. Always mark up your product in a way where if something does go wrong and you need to replace peoples orders etc, you can do it without getting into a hole.
The most important thing about this business is beauty! Run your company ethically, be beautiful inside and out and you’ll be taking long romantic walks to the bank for years to come.
-Connie B. (Founder and CEO of Connie Transform and Bhebhe Group)