My Busy Saturday Starts Now

Do you know the times when they tell you, you should have just started, you should have just done it, or you should have just eaten the last slice of cake anyway? Before you got reminded of all the casualties that come thereafter. 

A busy Saturday for me, starts exactly like this. You should have prepared your outfit the night before, you should have invited your girls a weekend before, you should have made those reservations a fortnight ago. Everything just seems unobtainable with poor planning.  

Anxiety: (v) a state of mind, that may have a physical reaction to the brain processing when you realize you have not, or will not complete a desired task. How's that for starting off a Saturday morning? 

I want to unpack the weekend thrills, and spontaneous events that allow you to just go with the flow and enjoy your time doing anything and everything under the sun. That's what I look forward to when the weekend quickly approaches, when I've made it pass hump day. Working a 9/5 job and leaving your weekend to plan itself out can turn into 1. An unsatisfactory time doing the wrong things with the wrong people or 2. A satisfactory joyful encounter and getting the opportunity to honour the weekend passed, when having your first cup of coffee and conversing in the office kitchen with a colleague, and matching up to, You definitely know how to live up to your weekend Mrs Party". I always prefer the latter. 

Now being the planner that I am, l always try to be way ahead of the monthly gig guide, filling up my weekend schedules with things I would like to do, the places I would like to visit, the food I would like to indulge in and the people I want to see and catch up with. A happy me lives by this rule. 

I wanted to fill you in on the perks of being a spontaneous kid living in the Jozi streets and knowing how to match up to a planned VS unplanned Saturday. 

The Active Quest – at Home

On our journey of living a healthy life, my boyfriend and I decided to skip the gym and fill up our time riding our bikes. To compensate the Friday night ill diet and indulgences. Riding up the hills and sweating with your partner is quite a sight for the morning views. We aim to live an active and healthy life, and bike riding is the most convenient activity and something we both have enjoyed doing from an early age.

The City explorer -  at 1 Fox

My partner and I are always on the conquest for good food, hopefully not too far out of Joburg as our days are made up of putting in time to do work too. We visited the 1 Fox market, on a cold day, with a desire to find a warm place by a fire, and eat our hearts out. We stopped at the artisanal kitchen & coffee bar called Copper Cafe, and enjoyed a succulent open sandwich, I opted for pulled roasted chicken while he had a pulled pork roll. We enjoyed the walk around the market as it is filled with art, quaint stores where Jozi antiques can be discovered and bought - a pleasurable afternoon we had.

Pre-drinks with the Girlfriends – At home

Time spent with your girlfriends always feels like a girls slumber party. Catching up on what has been happening in our own lives, what new crushes have come up, and new found inspirations. We give this time to re-learn what we mean to each other and recognize how far we’ve come from our High School/Varsity Days. Oh, how I love my brown sisters! We settled in at my house before we decided to enjoy dinner at the Sandton San Deck, while drinking champers and toasting to our small victories, that we are blessed with. Getting ready and prettifying ourselves for a night of debauchery. 

Fast forward to today, Sunday evening as I relinquish on the Sunday ‘itis’ and have my 'me time' to reflect on the weekend gone by. I quickly remember the plans I had set for my weekend that I have not lived up to. At this rate, you can only imagine the state of depression coming to being. Alas, this weekend was different, I got to spend my time and do the things with the ones I cherish, and love. I think that calls for a good unplanned, spontaneous, and busy Saturday to write home about.

 Written By: Rea Twala