The Perfect Shades For Your Face’s Shape

 Are you an aviators, brow line, retro square, cat-eye, sport, wayfarer which has been around since the 50s, or you’re open to trying every style ? Well whatever your answer is, it’s important to know which styles suits your face shape best.

girl on bench with square glasses

Dating back to 1929 when Sam Foster mass produced her sunglasses made from celluloid under the name Foster Grant sunglasses have continued to be one of the best accessories for a complete look. Today many more brands continue to develop new modern perfection when it comes to sunglasses. Sunglasses are amazing especially when they are paired with investment life long items.

My personal favourite style of sunglasses is the aviator and I love the cat-eye too but on other people. I think aviators are fresh and continue to make me look and feel young. Aviators give me the freedom to wear any outfit and feel invincible – I quite like that feeling. Most are accessible to everyone because they are affordable.

Oh by the way we need to I thank the 70s – Spoiler alert: the trend this upcoming season is cat-eye which we have seen on every beach in Saint-Tropez. St Tropez is a coastal town on the French Riviera, in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region of southeastern France.

I have always been one who loves a nice pair of sunglasses, not only because my eyes are practically non-existent in photos or because I enjoy shielding my eyes from the brightness of the sun. The main reason is because of how sunglasses have the ability to pull your whole look together – they are the perfect accessory – granted they are the right shape for your face. Its been said that there’s an ‘allure in wearing sunglasses’ and the true purpose of fashion is to enhance a woman’s natural allure. I fully believe that.

Our different face shapes are oval, round, heart and square which can overlap sometimes. I haven’t always known what the key to the perfect style for my face shape is but my sunglass admiration forced me to do some digging. I found that round sunglasses are not for me, as much as they give that cool quirky look I know I should stay away from them because I can’t have circular overload because my face shape is round and has some triangular features on the bottom half.

Heart shape: means your brow line and forehead are a similar length and your cheekbones and jawline contour inward to meet sharply at your chin area. Rounded and smaller frames work best for your face shape. Butterfly shape

Oval shape: The widest part of your face is your jawline this allows versatility when picking the best sunglasses – avoid going too big or too small. Angular and rounded will do the job. Butterfly shape as much as they are high fashion, glamorous they work best for oval, square and heart shape faces.

Triangle shape: This means you have a square like upper half of your face and the bottom of your face is angled. Your jawline tends to be broader. Brow line shapes work best for you as this helps accentuate the upper half of your face.

Round shape: Means you have to avoid circular shape sunglasses but all the other shapes will do wonders for you. Wayfarers and square shaped sunnies will do you good.

Square shape: This means your jawline and forehead are equal with your cheekbones. Aviators and soft rounded sunglasses were made for you.

Sun glasses will always win in my books because of their timelessness. I hope the above information clears things up a little for you. S/S 17 brought back wearing sunglasses indoors I don’t know how I feel about that and my only comment is —-> what a time to be alive.

Do you think the ones I am wearing in this post suit me ?


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Written By: Cwayita Bizana