Have you ever watched those YouTube videos about looking good on a budget and people are flaunting their Gucci bags? You sit there and think….how is this budget spending?? If you have then this could be the article for you. Staying in your financial lane, being a student and wanting to always look polished can be a bit difficult, but if you know the right information it can be great.

First and foremost, shopping sales is actually the way forward.  Stuff is discounted and honestly you feel better knowing you saved up some coin. However, careful of SALE signs that actually get you to spend the same amount of money you would if the items were regular priced. A good trick is to always go to asale has been going on for a week, there will be further discounts that actually make sense.If lucky, you will save extra.

elsie looks good on a budget dressed in pink skirt and pink cardigan

The second tip is to try and buy quality clothing that lasts a lifetime. Things like blazers, shoes, blouses and handbags need to be of great quality to avoid frequent trips to the store. Ofcourse we can argue that buying cheaper items is better, but to be honest “Cheap stuff is actually expensive.”  Buying poor quality items will leave you dissatisfied and heading back to the store in no time. Buy quality and save in the long run.

Overtime, people have become accustomed to the idea of thrifting. If you explore on Instagram you will notice there are a couple of thrifting accounts where people sell items. One thing to know is that thrifting is quite affordable and can cater to a personal style easily. There will not be a long rack of the same garment. Limited Edition ALWAYS! Talk about exclusivity.  The stuff is a=usually quality if it can be worn by one person and sold to another. Thrifting can be two way as well, where you can also sell stuff from your closet that you no longer wear. Raise money for that new dress by easily taking photos of stuff and posting on second hand groups on social media.

Everyone is familiar of the term “LAYBUY”, this shopping option is now available in many stores. Pay for something over a period of three months. Teach yourself patience, save whilst waiting and look good after. Instead of spending a chunk, you pay in bits and let your money take you further. Who doesn’t love being money savvy?

Finally, to look good on a budget, you actually have to stick to a personal style. That means you dress a certain way such that items in your closet can be turned into multiple outfit combinations. Not saying trends are bad, but hoping on to each and every one of them will leave you broke because new ones keep coming up.

Be money wise and look your best always.

Written By: Elsie Matsuka