Two Basic Steps to Follow When You’re Online Shopping

Everyone’s embracing online shopping, but getting the right fit can be a bit tricky.

Online shopping has gained immense momentum during the last decade. It’s with no surprise as we are in the digital age and seek the Internet for almost everything these days. I mean, come on – how convenient is it to shop for your favourite items in your sweatpants on a lazy Saturday afternoon? With all the advantages of online shopping, such as avoiding cues and searching for the exact item you’re looking for, the perfect fit is not guaranteed. So how do you go about deciphering the right size and ensuring the perfect fit?

These two basic steps will help you cop the right size the next time you’re online shopping:

Step 1: You Need a Size Chart

Look at the size chart online and take your measurements! 

I know! You’re probably thinking, ‘OMG, why would I even have time for this?’ Or maybe you don’t know how to take measurements. It’s really quick and easy, and once you have it, you have it, so relax! You’ll only have to measure your bust, waist and hips as online retailers will have the size chart for those specifics measurements.

Sizing Information

If you want to avoid returning products, don’t ignore these tips. Almost every online retailer will have a size chart in the product detail section. It is important to note that just because you’re a specific size in one brand doesn’t mean you will necessarily be the same for a different brand. Hence you SHOULD look at the size chart and compare it to your own measurements.

Step 2: Grab a Measuring Tape

How To Measure 

Have your measuring tape ready! I would advise you to ask a friend to measure you, as it will ensure a more accurate measurement. Stand up straight, don’t look down and keep your head still! Place the measuring tape around your bust area to get your bust measurement. The same goes for the waist and hips! Easy as pie! See below:
Remember these two things next time you’re surfing the Web for items: take your measurements and look at the size chart! Happy online shopping!
Written by: Kim Mockey for Cosmopolitan