My Busy Saturday Starts Now

Do you know the times when they tell you, you should have just started, you should have just done it, or you should have just eaten the last slice of cake anyway? Before you got reminded of all the casualties that come thereafter.  A busy Saturday for me, starts exactly like this. You should have prepared […]

9 Things I Wish I’d Known About Pregnancy

family during pregnancy

We all know about the weird cravings, morning sickness and emotional outbursts. Hollywood and the media make sure of that. But there were many more things that happened while I was pregnant that I didn’t know would or didn’t know to what effect. Here are 9 things I wish I’d known about being preggers. Morning Sickness doesn’t always end in puking […]

Basic Balance

It’s not news that I’m a coffee addict. It (not surprisingly) helps me get through the busy days. A break from all the work comes with leaving the house, which mostly requires a quick change out of my work-in-front-of-the-computer-at-home clothes into something a bit more presentable.       This was until Witchery introduced a […]


Rape is a crime that thrives on silence and denial. Rape culture normalizes rape and sexual violence is excused in the media. As objectifying women continues to be normalized the rape culture WE have created continues to flourish.   We live amongst a society where we are taught how to avoid rape instead of men being taught self-control. We are taught to yell fire instead of rape, […]

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Joburg 2017(MBFWJ17)

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

African Fashion International (AFI), owner and operator of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Joburg 2017 (MBFWJ17), is celebrating a decade of African excellence with an exciting line-up of African designers preparing to introduce their Spring/Summer collections, at a new venue. “We have collaborated with African fashion design royalty to offer a world-class spectacular of refined African apparel […]

So what makes a wine perfect?

wine glasses

The ‘perfect’ wine rides a line between intensity and sumptuousness. It has haunting aromas that astound your senses and the taste continues to evolve with layers of complexity that last a long time. Some people disagree and believe that perfection can’t be reached; but why deny the possibility that it exists? Especially if you are […]

My Top 5 Luxury Items

When it comes to luxury items, I really do not add any clothes to my never ending wish list because I get bored of clothes quickly, after one wear I lose a huge amount of interest and just something new, so as a frugal fashion lover I would just rather spend heavy on accessories. In this post I’d be […]

Menstrual Leave

calendar indicating p-m-s for all menstruation days

Menstrual leave is a good idea, but will it help break the taboo? Japan was the first country to allow ‘seirikyuuka’ (meaning ‘physiological leave’) in the year 1947, which grants leave to female workers who “suffered heavily” with period pains or performed work deemed “injurious” to their health during menstruation   Most of the organisations […]