Sometimes your work space doesn’t need an entire re-design, but just a bit of sprucing up or even for you to take it outside.


We all know what shifts our focus when we’re trying to keep it, in our workspace. Get rid of it! It’s hectic enough that we carry our gadgets, work and sometimes entertainment with us everywhere we go, and these are enough to lower our productivity and stifle our creativity – don’t let this happen in your work  environment. If you have to put down the inspirational quotes (sooo 1991) and badly curated art, do so!

I work from home, and in as much as people think it’s lovely, it’s actually very tough. From my tv, to my fridge (nothing like food to distract you from work) and my very comfortable bed, I have to find ways to to fulfill my commitments and get my work done without falling into these traps. My favorite thing to do when I feel like I’ve lost my work pivot is to go work in quaint and minimalistic restaurants or coffee shops and even a botanical garden where I can maintain a clear head and still draw inspiration from my surroundings and femme interactions as they play a big role in my work.


Not all of us are fortunate enough to be handed an office with a window that overlooks the metropolis or a beautiful horizon but don’t feel guilty when you have to take your laptop and sit in the office park gardens a few times in the day or if you  need to stare off in a distance now and then, it’s good for the eyes.

These are one of the pro’s with working from home, I can choose to work in a space that renders a great view! 


Different levels of noise work for different people and different office cultures. Find what works for you and what helps you keep productive (hopefully you share an office with considerate colleagues if you love your silence).

Personally, music keeps me going when I feel like I am about to drop during work, the unfortunate thing is that sometimes I find myself channeling the artist and performing in my work space, than actually working. What I’ve started doing to avoid this, is still listening to upbeat music, but that of which I do not know the lyrics to. It’s helped a great deal! 


Move things around, add refreshing things and remove things that you’ve gotten over. Your workspace should be a place that you’re excited (or at least happy) to come to. I suggest having something tactile that you can work on with your hands to keep you busy when you’re overthinking or taking a break.

I don’t exactly have something like that, but Solitaire is always on an open tab for me to click on when  I’m taking a break. In as much as it’s a fun game, it’s a thinking game too, so my brain  is stimulated in the process.

I hope these few tips assist you in making your workspace a more inspiring and enjoyable one this 2018. Go out there and kill it!

Written By: Lerato Kgamanyane