Marie Claire Denim & Design Issue

Marie Claire Terry Pheto
Marie Claire Denim & Design Issue with Terry Pheto

The cover of the June Denim & Design issue of Marie Claire is a celebration of a generation of South African women who are empowered, creative and more beautiful than ever.


Featuring award-winning South African actress and activist Terry Pheto, dressed in denim, it is embellished by South African illustrator and street artist Karabo Poppy. “This is not just another cover: it is a piece of art! At Marie Claire, we are all about innovating and doing things differently while always celebrating women; working with Terry and Karabo on this project has been incredibly fun and inspiring,” says AMP and Marie Claire Brand Director, Emilie Gambade.


Terry, who first shot to fame in the Oscar-winning movie Tsotsi in 2006, talked to Marie Claire about the desire to follow her personal journeywhile preserving her African values. ‘I couldn’t leave anyone behind and just go off to Hollywood. I felt like I needed to bring everyone with me on this journey. Through my work, I was able to send my siblings to better schools than I attended.was able to give things to my family they would never have got on their own. My success is my family’s success, says Terry.


The rights of South African women lie at the core of what she does and continue to inspire her. ‘I need young girls living in townships to know that they can also walk the red carpet at the Oscars if they put their hearts to it.I want them to know that one day theycan also be on the cover of Marie Claire.’ 


Karabo Poppy’s artwork is similarly fearless, and features imaginatively drawn elements, from flowers to a snake, which she explains ‘symbolises the uniquely fierce nature of a generation of African women who are unapologetically pursuing their dreams with excellence.’ She adds: ‘I look at what makes the African aesthetic beautifully unique and I find ways to authentically document it, using contemporary and unconventional mediums.’


Inside, the theme of denim continues. This timeless fabric shows off its versatility in more than 20 pages, with tips on ways to wearit today, tonight and tomorrow – dark, light, embellished or frayed, dressed up or down… Just as Marie Claire’s fashion director, Tarryn Oppel, says, ‘Denim has never looked so good!’


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Find out about the meaning of the cover illustrations by KaraboPoppy here


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