My End of Exams Surprise

Bernini ruby berry financial management textbook

With my exam season drawing to a close, freedom and a sparkling way to celebrate it is exactly what is on my mind.    And I think I know just the perfect thing, to round up my celebrations.. a sparkling grape frizzante, Bernini Ruby Berry! How better to celebrate your new found freedom (I know […]

5 Feminist Porn Sites Changing Our Perceptions

The world, wide, web of archived pornography looks a lot different from the porn pulp fiction of a few decades ago. There’s no denying the potentially damaging effects of porn, especially in the youth. The constructed fantasies create problematic representations of women as passive objects in sex and desire. The power dynamics of the players […]

Daniel Wellington.

Have you realized how watches have slowly become so insignificant in the digital overtake of our lives? A number of gadgets at our day to day disposal tell us the time as it is, so why wear one? I’ll tell you why. As someone who is fashionably self aware  and is very alert in personal […]

My Busy Saturday Starts Now

Do you know the times when they tell you, you should have just started, you should have just done it, or you should have just eaten the last slice of cake anyway? Before you got reminded of all the casualties that come thereafter.  A busy Saturday for me, starts exactly like this. You should have prepared […]